John Franklin 
Performance Concrete Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta

Our visual designers can create images in the virtual world that are so realistic that you would have to look at it more than twice! Let us create your marketing materials for your next project!

Our Mission

We Provide Consulting Services in Edmonton

Commercial Land




We provide structural Consultation in Oil & Gas and Heavy Industrial projects. It is our bread and butter. 


Let us turn your land into a commercially viable and incoming generating properties through syndication.

We assist builders, landlords and home owners in obtaining development and building permits . 

Our design team helps clients in providing the necessary documentations for building permit applications, including design and drafting.

An increasing popular construction method. Inception Design is in the forefront of the trend. We have extensive experience in providing design services to this new sector.

We know and we are capable of creating nice looking buildings! We don't stop at the just the facade though.  We are always mindful of the functionality and synergy of the different elements of the building!

Sigma Place

Suite 301 12120 106 Avenue 
 Edmonton, Alberta



Building Permit Drawings

Andy and his team provided us with the services we needed on our new shop.  They were quick and efficient and always willing to go the extra mile for us.

Virtual Construction 

& 3D Rendering

​​design drafting.COM 

Infill Construction


Our Mission is Simple:

To Be Your GoTo and Trusted Consulting Firm.

We want to know the WHY, as well as provide you with the HOW. We want to do more than just answering your technical questions.  We want to provide practical advises and solutions that encompass costs, logistics and the overall purpose of the project.


Building Code? sounds boring, so leave it up to our consultants to research that for you!